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The Cocktails

Well Drinks $8

The Bag $12 

A "capri-sun" but for adults. All the nostalgia of childhood with some added fun of adulthood. Flavors change daily.

Best Damn G&T $10

Lives up to its name. Best gin and tonic you’ll ever have! Italian Blood Orange infused gin paired with citrus and floral Mediterranean tonic, just the squeeze of half a lime. Say...less

refreshing . light . citrusy

Cucumber Mint Mule $10

A twist on the classic mule, citrus and ginger flavors playfully light up refreshing elements such as mint and cucumber. The result is a delightful cocktail crafted to make you go ‘Ahh’.

refreshing . bright . approachable

Blueberry Ginger Limeade $10

Who doesn’t love limeade? Especially mixed with the flavors of blueberry and ginger. This drink is sweet and citrusy and quite honestly just tastes like juice.

sweet . citrusy . effervescent

House Paloma $10

This house paloma is like many other palomas, but this paloma is ours. Made with french pink grapefruit liqueur, 100% agave tequila, and housemade citric acid syrup. A true classic done our way.

classic . citrusy . savory

Summer Sour $10

This cocktail is for those of us that wish for perpetual summer(the pleasant kind). Reminiscent of enjoying a cold beverage after a warm day, the stone fruit notes infused with honey and smooth bourbon makes the perfect end to any day.

sweet . tangy . smooth




















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