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Specialty Martinis 

Espresso Martini $11

A classic go-to for those of us that prefer to drink our dessert. Smooth, rich, and creamy, just how we like it.

indulgent . sweet . delectable

Coconut Martini $11 

”Tastes like a cloud!” - a satisfied intellectual. Soft flavors of coconut and a whisper of cinnamon wash over you with each sip.

light . sweet . dessert

P.O.G. Martini $11

Passion, Orange, Guava. Three flavors made for each other, come together in one glass just for you.

sweet . tropical . refreshing

D.B.J. Martini $11

DBJ is our loving acronym for Delicious Blue Juice. And with pineapple, peach, and citrusy blue goodness, this is exactly that. Delicious. Blue. Juice. Enjoy.

fruity . easy . blue

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