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Dr. OHare Presents

The Parlour Room
Parlour Room


1. Location?


  • 207 N Gilbert Road, Ste 002, Gilbert, AZ 85234.  Lower level basement of the Heritage Court Building.

2. Password?


  • There is no password required at the Parlour Room.


3. Dress code?


  • We suggest date-night-out attire.


4. Business hours?



5. DJ?


  • Currently we have a house DJ on Fridays & Saturdays.


6. Menu?



7. Reservations? 


  • No, we operate solely on a first come first serve basis. 


8. Private events or photo shoots?

  • We do not offer private events or rent out the space.  We prefer
    to focus on providing the best experience and stay focused on

    what we do best. 

8. Lost and Found?

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